Tuesday, October 1, 2013

2 rooms completed!

So the master bedroom and the dining room are looking good. Only several dozen boxes left to unpack....

We stopped by Kirkland's and picked up the 2 paintings above the bed. That store is great, we are going back for additional paintings as we complete rooms.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Almost moved in

Well, we're moved in and we've survived for the most part. Its been a heck of a week. Half the family got a horrible cold, and the other half got a stomach virus the day of the move. That made things very interesting to say the least. We managed to make it through the first few days after the move slowly unpacking boxes and getting settled in.

Our movers were horrible, Hindmann, nearly every single piece of furniture we own is damaged. Our son's solid oak bed is broken. Our dining room set has dings, scratches, and gouges missing from it. They snapped the top of my desk in half. Our master bedroom set is dinged and scratched. They also dinged damn near every wall in the house.  Not to mention scratching our newly finished banisters.

We had a second set of movers, 2 men and a truck, these guys were fantastic. They moved everything from my mother's house to the new place. Nothing in our boxes was broken, not a glass. No dings or scratches on the walls or wood. Can't say enough good things about these guys.

During the week we had numerous deliveries. all of them went pretty well. The home depot guys for the appliances were great. Levin was good even though one of our sofas didn't fit in the basement. We had to do a no fit refusal and go pick new items on Friday.

All in all we love the new house. We don't ever want to move again in our lives...

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Day 96 - Less than 24 hours until we own our new home!

In less tan 24 hours we will own the house we've been dreaming off since January. Its been quite a journey, not all of it easy or pleasant. We've had ups and downs in the process, selling our house was an absolute horrible experience and not something I'm ever going to want to do again to be honest. We've also had some issues with Ryan and NVR that haven't been pleasant. I will say that we have only ever experienced excellent customer service with Ryan and NVR. They've always resolved the issues we've had quickly and professionally. Kudos to them. We like and respect our PM and SR's and we would be happy to be a reference for the company. (Although RiteRug can kiss my ass)

We are busy packing up our clothes and other items we've used in the past 8 weeks at my Mom's house. Living out of suit cases has been interesting, not as bad as I thought it would (living out of suit cases that is) be when we moved in. Everyone has adjusted well living under one roof and I think we will all have to adjust to the new reality once we are settled in next week. I'm sure my Mom is ready to have her house back to herself. I know we've overwhelmed her with kids, and pets.

All we have to do now is wait for tomorrow.....

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Dy 95 - Getting ready to move in....

Its been a busy day. We stopped at the bank to get the check drawn for closing, that hurt a little bit I'm not going to lie. Why the hell is closing on the house so damn expensive, everyone needs a cut I suppose.

After that we headed over to Home Depot to get the blinds we need for the house. 22 blinds and $900 later we walked out with blinds cut to fit each of the windows, with the exception of the small 22x22, and 27x27 windows. Lesa is going to find something else for those little windows. We also picked  up the sealer for the grout and granite as well as a few other odds and ends. I also got a spool of speaker wire so I can hook up the new receiver Monday and crank the tunes while we are working.

Later today we are heading out to get new dishes, pots and pans.

Tomorrow we will be packing up all of our clothes, and getting ready to move all of the electronics to the house on Monday after closing.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Day 94 - Pre-Settlement Walk Through

Lesa and I are getting ready to leave for the pre-settlement walk through. Hopefully the house is going to be fantastic. Realistically, probably not. Considering the amount of work that needed to be completed I'm not even sure the house will be professionally cleaned when we get up there today.

I'll be taking a ton of pictures to document all of the fixes that need to be made to the house.

Look for an update later today.....

....Back from the walk through and we are pleasantly surprised with the house. At the end of the walk through our punch list had several items but none were critical. Our PM took note of all of our concerns, validated and told us that it would be taken care of. Most of the cabinet drawers and doors in our kitchen were damaged, all of the replacements have already been ordered and should be installed Monday. Even with the damage the kitchen still looks great.

What a kitchen!!!
We had several walls that need sanded and repainted, we didn't notice any big dings or dents. Another big area that needs some TLC is the porch. Caulk and paint will fix the issues for most of the porch, we did point out a gap between the porch ceiling and the wall that may be a little more intense to fix but our PM is going to take care of getting it fixed.

So we will have contracts in the house tomorrow fixing punch list items, and cleaners in on Sunday for our closing on Monday.

We are almost at the finish line!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Day 93 - 4 days till closing...

Quite a few odds and ends taken care of today. I called in to take my Dish account off the mover program and get instillation setup for next week. I got a great deal, I've been with DISH for a long time and in that time we hadn't upgraded our equipment. While setting up the install I upgraded to the Hopper with 3 Joeys, and got a discount of $25 a month for 12 months, and 3 months free movie channels. My bill ended up being roughly $130 a month for America's top 250, love it!

I talked to our Loan Officer and submitted the last documentation they required to close, my most recent pay stub. Done!

Lesa and I will be stopping up at the house later today to take a peek at what they have got done today and prepare for the walk through tomorrow morning.

The schedule next week is super hectic. Monday and Tuesday are killer, Wednesday is a lot of delivery. Thursday through the weekend should be some nice relaxation time. We will have to loop back to my Mom's house to clean up her house and make sure everything is put back together for her.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Day 92 - 5 days till closing...

Today we received final loan approval, we are clear to close on Monday!

The process is nearly complete we are so excited. Nearly everything is set for next week, just a few more appointments to setup. We are going to run up to the house tonight to see what's happening. Hopefully its looking good for the QCI tomorrow.

Our back splash is in!

Our front door is painted as well. Landscaping is complete.

We did find a crack in our front porch concrete, not sure how they are going to fix that...