Friday, May 10, 2013

Park Place Lot 103

This is the plot layout of Park Place. Ryan Homes didn't purchase all of the lots available in the phase 1 of the plan but they did get the majority of them. Lesa and I wanted one of the lots that faced the park but, alas, Ryan wasn't able to purchase them. The developer kept them as prime lots for other custom home builders.

We then wanted to get lot 142 or 143, unfortunately those lots only support Ernest Hemingway models. We looked at the Hemingway but decided that we liked the Steinbeck model more, even though they are essentially the  same house with slightly different room sizes.

That left us with the choice of lots in the middle of the plan or along the edges of the plan. Lots 113-118 backed in to a hill, and had virtually no back yards. Lots 102 - 106 are bigger, however, the lots had shared driveways. We share a driveway with lot 104, a nice family we ran in to at the Park Place model a few weekends back. They were very friendly and look grounded, Lesa and I were pleased that they were younger and hope we will get along with them well.

Anyway, back to the lot. We decided to take lot 103, it will give us room for a small fenced back yard for Jett to run around in and it will only ever have views of wilderness. Lots 102-106 back to a small retention pond and behind that a mature forest. We can live with a shared driveway, a small concession.