Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The long wait

It has been a busy week! I've been traveling and have trips to Boston and D.C. rapidly approaching.

We are still waiting to see when our pre-construction meeting will be scheduled. In the mean time Lesa and I are reviewing all of our selections to make sure that everything in the house will be perfect. I've put in a change request to add lights to the exterior of the house that shine down on the 3 2nd floor windows. The model in our neighborhood has them installed and they look great. Lesa and I are waiting for a price on those. We've also added a cable jack in the basement home office. It will be Lesa's room and she wants to have a tv to watch while she is sewing or doing a craft. It's a $95 change, I reached out to Guardian and they will be adding to our home.

We have an appointment at RiteRug Friday afternoon to review all of our selections. We're going to be taking the kids with us so they can see everything in person.

Finally, we drove over to the neighborhood and took a look at a Mitchner that is being built with the bonus room above the garage. Lesa and I took a look since the model doesn't have this feature. The bonus room is going to be our Daughter's and Lesa and I think she is going to love it. Its huge! It also has a walk-in closet and a private full bath. The bathroom is a little small but quite livable.