Wednesday, May 22, 2013

We have a date for our pre-construction meeting

It's been an interesting few weeks. We've been moving forward on selling our existing home. We were originally scheduled to settle on June 28th. However, the buyer will be out of town on that date now and requested that the closing be pushed until the end of July. Well, that caused havoc with the plans that Lesa and I had already made with Ryan, movers, etc.

Lesa and I certainly were not happy at all about pushing back the settlement date but we agreed. We were able to workout our payment schedule with Ryan so the lump sum of our down payment isn't due until August 1st. In exchange for the concession on date we are requiring the buyer to put down an additional 10% non-refundable down payment. That offsets the risk that I take on moving the closing date out.

On the Ryan front, we've got dates for our pre-construction meeting, May 30th, and break ground date of June 5th. I was a little shocked that we had dates that were so close. Lesa and I are very excited and are anxious to get the building process started.

We had a few outstanding items in front of Ryan that we were hoping to get. Namely replacing the fiberglass shower pan in the master bath with a mud pan that would be tiled. Ryan did offer us the option of the mud pan but it would have cost us $1,800. Lesa was disappointed but she understands that the cost of the non-standard request was excessive.  Unfortunately we aren't able to get the lights above the second floor windows.  The structural plans have already been drawn up and they can't make the change.  We figure it might be something we can do later.

We had some last minute changes with Guardian and RiteRug that we finished up before signing off with Ryan that we would not request any other changes to the house. We changed our grout color from #95 Sable Brown to #105 Earth. Lesa and I felt that the #105 Earth grout was still dark enough to show well but not so dark as the #95 Sable Brown that the floor would look like a checker board.

On the moving front we've selected a mover and have sent our down payment. The mover is a local company based in Zelienople. The hourly moving price was inline with other moving quotes, however, they offered us 2 free months of storage. That's perfect for us with a move out date of July 26th and an anticipated completion date of early/mid September we may end up paying just one month storage cost at the most.

 So we are busy packing everything up and moving all non-furniture items down to my Mother's house. She has been gracious enough to allow us to stay with her for a few weeks instead of finding a temporary place. 

More updates to come as the construction process gets underway.