Saturday, August 31, 2013

So many fans....

Today we were out and about and decided to stop at Lowes. Wouldn't you know it they were having a sale on ceiling fans. Since we need to pick up 8 fans we decided to take a look at their selection.

We found a fan that we felt would look good in our master bedroom as well study. Its a 52 inch model and will hopefully keep us quite cool.

We also found a fan that should look great in the other 4 bedrooms in the house. Its a smaller 44 inch model.

We are still on the hunt for the the fans we will be installing on our front porch.

Day 75

Stopped up at the house this morning after getting a haircut and I was pleasantly surprised to find two guys installing tile. It looks great! The kitchen is nearly complete and the first floor powder room is done.

The finishers have been busy installing trim and doors and the house looks great. Can't wait to see it all painted. 

The outside is finishing up quickly as well, just need the upper half of our columns, gutters, and some paint.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Day 74

Stopped up at the house this morning and we found our tile in the garage! We also peeked in to the house and a gentleman was busy putting in the sub-floor the tile will sit on, so exciting! The first floor had all of its trim installed as well.

So much tile!

Close up

Trim and doors are installed on the first floor

Our front porch

Lookin Good!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Day 73

We stopped up at the house this afternoon and the finishers were busy at work cutting and installing the baseboard, doors, and cabinets. Everything looked really great. Our cabinets were installed throughout the house, kitchen and baths. We finally got a great sense of the size of the kitchen and we are happy, we had been worried it would be small but it isn't. We have quite a bit more room than we had in our previous kitchen.


Bonus room bath

Bonus room

Guest Bath
Guest bath - Oops
Master Bath - The cabinets are higher, very nice!

Fixed drain pipe!

Prepping for patio

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Day 71

Busy, busy busy! Lesa stopped up at the house this afternoon and found a few exciting things. First the porch roof was installed and looks great. Second, the columns for the front porch are starting to go up. The look of the house is really coming together well and we are getting a sense that what we picked sight unseen in February was spot on.

Looking good!
 The PM also fixed our pipe that was to close to the house. Just need to add some stone behind it.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Day 70

Its been a busy day! The front porch was poured, and looks great. The dry wall contractors returned to finish the basement drywall, and the masons were busy with our stone facade. I also talked to our PM about the drainage pipe in the back of the house, he is going to get that fixed. He then told me that they had put up the wrong shutters for our facade, the wife and I hadn't noticed.I initially told him to put the correct shutters on, we finished up our call and I went to the tell the wife. Well, she wanted to look at the shutters that go with our facade, once she saw them she actually preferred the ones currently on the house. I hopped back on the phone with the PM and asked if the ones that were on the house could stay, after a quick yes I hung up and gave the wife some good news.

Our PM said that the painters are up next, once the dry wall has been completed. Hopefully we will have some cabinets installed by the end of the week!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Day 69

The masons came back and nearly finished the stone work on the house. It looks great! Still no sign of the dry wall guys, basement is still half completed. The finishers can't start until the dry wall is up and the house has passed inspection. Time to talk to the PM. Still haven't heard back about the drain pipe in the back of the house either.


Saturday, August 24, 2013

Day 68

Siding is complete! I love the shutters we picked, they look amazing with the stone. We just need our red front door to complete the look.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Day 67

Its been a few days since my last update. The stone for the house was delivered and the install has started. It looks great, we are very happy with the color. It is a red stone which we think will look great with our red shutters and front door. Unfortunately, one of the drains in the back of the house is to close to the foundation and they put stone around it. I've already contacted the PM to get this fixed.

We also didn't pass inspection because the dry wall installers went to the wrong house first and got the schedule all messed up. Currently our basement is half done and our garage isn't even started. Not sure how the PM is going to fix this since we have a garage full of items and no room for anyone to work. Another item I need to talk to the PM about.

I've also been having quite the headache with NVR and documentation. I feel like I live at the bank.

Hopefully everything will be worked out in the next few days. Pics of the house with stone.

Some interior shots

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Day 64

I've been swamped at work so Lesa has been handling scheduling. In the past day she has gotten all of the utilities, movers, and deliveries scheduled for the week of September 23rd. What a great wife! I took care of getting internet service setup and I was extremely happy to learn that Consolidated Communications offer fiber optic service to our neighborhood. I signed up for one year of 10mb service from them. This isn't quite as much as I had from Armstrong but my internet service with them was rather bad, plus it was cable internet so the pipe was shared.

We stopped up at the house last night and the crew had nearly finished the dry wall. Not much to take pictures of unfortunately.  

We did notice that the small window going down the steps in to our basement didn't open. Lesa and I were both perplexed, all of the other models in the neighborhood have windows that open in the same spot. After checking with our PM he confirmed that our window is 2 inches smaller than the other homes and does not open. Its not a huge issue but Lesa was disappointed. I'm sure we could have pushed to have it changed but it just wasn't worth the effort. I'd rather save the push back for a mistake rather than something that is correct per plan. Things like this happen when you build a model sight unseen.

We're stopping up to the house later today. Check back later, may have something photo worthy to post!

 We stopped at the house and we had a bunch of deliveries! Our garage is full of cabinets and doors. Unfortunately, that means the dry wall in the garage has to wait.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Day 63 - We've scheduled our closing!

Today has been a very exciting day! I've been under tremendous stress from a project at work and today we've managed to get the product on to our production servers and are looking good for soft launch. Its a huge relief to me and my entire team! Go team, you're the best.

This morning I received a call from NVR to schedule our closing for September 23rd. That leaves 2 weeks to spare on our 120 day rate lock. Considering where rates went after we locked I don't regret locking that far out one bit, even though it did cost us some money. Anyway, Lesa and I have been busy scheduling utilities, deliveries, and movers. 5 weeks and the house will be ours!

I'll stop up later tonight to see the progress on the house. Hopefully our shutters will be installed!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Day 62

It's a quiet Sunday. No one is working on the house, that gave Lesa and I an opportunity to see whats been happening on the inside. The dry wall is going up quickly and is nearly finished. Both the siding and dry wall should be finished tomorrow. Hopefully the interior finishers start tomorrow as well.
Entry looking in to the kitchen and family room


Bonus Bedroom



Guest Bathroom

Master Bedroom

Our shutters

Siding is almost done!

One of the nearly completed streets in the neighborhood

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Day 61 - A picnic in the park!

Lesa and I didn't make it up to the house yesterday. I've been swamped at work with the roll out of our new product. I worked all day today as well. Our neighborhood was hosting a cookout and everyone was invited, including the neighbors still in the construction phase. Lesa, the kids, and my Mom all headed up in the late afternoon to join the festivities. I managed to get to the party shortly after 6 and meet quite a few people. Everyone seemed very nice.

I did walk over to the house and snap a few pictures. The siding is nearly complete, it looks great. Lesa and i are very happy with the colors we selected, we even spotted our red shutters. we can't wait to see them installed on the house.

The dry wall contractors were busy on the inside of the house so we didn't go in and bother them. I did snap a quick pic from the garage.