Saturday, August 17, 2013

Day 61 - A picnic in the park!

Lesa and I didn't make it up to the house yesterday. I've been swamped at work with the roll out of our new product. I worked all day today as well. Our neighborhood was hosting a cookout and everyone was invited, including the neighbors still in the construction phase. Lesa, the kids, and my Mom all headed up in the late afternoon to join the festivities. I managed to get to the party shortly after 6 and meet quite a few people. Everyone seemed very nice.

I did walk over to the house and snap a few pictures. The siding is nearly complete, it looks great. Lesa and i are very happy with the colors we selected, we even spotted our red shutters. we can't wait to see them installed on the house.

The dry wall contractors were busy on the inside of the house so we didn't go in and bother them. I did snap a quick pic from the garage.