Monday, August 19, 2013

Day 63 - We've scheduled our closing!

Today has been a very exciting day! I've been under tremendous stress from a project at work and today we've managed to get the product on to our production servers and are looking good for soft launch. Its a huge relief to me and my entire team! Go team, you're the best.

This morning I received a call from NVR to schedule our closing for September 23rd. That leaves 2 weeks to spare on our 120 day rate lock. Considering where rates went after we locked I don't regret locking that far out one bit, even though it did cost us some money. Anyway, Lesa and I have been busy scheduling utilities, deliveries, and movers. 5 weeks and the house will be ours!

I'll stop up later tonight to see the progress on the house. Hopefully our shutters will be installed!