Saturday, August 10, 2013

Day 52 & 53

Not happy, we have an eyebrow light on our roof, it looks great. Unfortunately it leaks like hell. Not a big deal until my PM had the insulation installed before the roof was fixed. Well you've probably guessed that the insulation around the leak is soaking wet! A perfect storm for black mold and all kinds of health related issues to deal with in the future.

I've sent my PM emails and text messages and still haven't heard back from him. Drywall is supposed to start Monday. They were stupid enough to put in the insulation with a leaky roof I wouldn't put it past them to do the same with the drywall.

Right now I'm super pissed off and I haven't heard a word from Ryan on this matter. Given the allergies that my kids and I share this could be a deal breaker.

Pictures of the mess my leaky roof makes.

Upstairs, directly under the leak

No urgency to correct this issue.

Wet, wet, wet!

Its wet in the kitchen!

All wet, such a large area. Why hasn't it been fixed Ryan?

Wet, dirty insulation.

The floors have been so wet for so long I'm anticipating issues

Puddles in the basement, so pissed!

More puddles

See the water stains?

Wonder how long it will be till the furnace rusts?

I'll keep you posted.....