Friday, August 23, 2013

Day 67

Its been a few days since my last update. The stone for the house was delivered and the install has started. It looks great, we are very happy with the color. It is a red stone which we think will look great with our red shutters and front door. Unfortunately, one of the drains in the back of the house is to close to the foundation and they put stone around it. I've already contacted the PM to get this fixed.

We also didn't pass inspection because the dry wall installers went to the wrong house first and got the schedule all messed up. Currently our basement is half done and our garage isn't even started. Not sure how the PM is going to fix this since we have a garage full of items and no room for anyone to work. Another item I need to talk to the PM about.

I've also been having quite the headache with NVR and documentation. I feel like I live at the bank.

Hopefully everything will be worked out in the next few days. Pics of the house with stone.

Some interior shots