Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Day 56-57

Day 56 - the township came out and inspected the framing, plumbing and electric. The house had a few issues and ended up not passing inspection on the first go round. The problems were minor and quickly corrected by the PM.

Day 57 - The drywall, and the siding were both delivered today. How exciting! All of the drywall was loaded in to the house and is ready to be hung, which should start tomorrow. The scaffold is erected outside the house and the siders should also start tomorrow.

Drywall stacked and ready to go

Drywall stacked and ready to go

Our siding. Sandy Tan and Spanish Olive

On another note I found a great deal on the SONY STR-DN1040 receiver. It was an open box at Best Buy for $150 off list price, great deal. This will work well with speakers we are having installed in the basement. All I need to do now is buy a sub.