Monday, August 26, 2013

Day 70

Its been a busy day! The front porch was poured, and looks great. The dry wall contractors returned to finish the basement drywall, and the masons were busy with our stone facade. I also talked to our PM about the drainage pipe in the back of the house, he is going to get that fixed. He then told me that they had put up the wrong shutters for our facade, the wife and I hadn't noticed.I initially told him to put the correct shutters on, we finished up our call and I went to the tell the wife. Well, she wanted to look at the shutters that go with our facade, once she saw them she actually preferred the ones currently on the house. I hopped back on the phone with the PM and asked if the ones that were on the house could stay, after a quick yes I hung up and gave the wife some good news.

Our PM said that the painters are up next, once the dry wall has been completed. Hopefully we will have some cabinets installed by the end of the week!