Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Day 64

I've been swamped at work so Lesa has been handling scheduling. In the past day she has gotten all of the utilities, movers, and deliveries scheduled for the week of September 23rd. What a great wife! I took care of getting internet service setup and I was extremely happy to learn that Consolidated Communications offer fiber optic service to our neighborhood. I signed up for one year of 10mb service from them. This isn't quite as much as I had from Armstrong but my internet service with them was rather bad, plus it was cable internet so the pipe was shared.

We stopped up at the house last night and the crew had nearly finished the dry wall. Not much to take pictures of unfortunately.  

We did notice that the small window going down the steps in to our basement didn't open. Lesa and I were both perplexed, all of the other models in the neighborhood have windows that open in the same spot. After checking with our PM he confirmed that our window is 2 inches smaller than the other homes and does not open. Its not a huge issue but Lesa was disappointed. I'm sure we could have pushed to have it changed but it just wasn't worth the effort. I'd rather save the push back for a mistake rather than something that is correct per plan. Things like this happen when you build a model sight unseen.

We're stopping up to the house later today. Check back later, may have something photo worthy to post!

 We stopped at the house and we had a bunch of deliveries! Our garage is full of cabinets and doors. Unfortunately, that means the dry wall in the garage has to wait.