Sunday, June 30, 2013

Day 12 & 13

Not much happening this weekend. They worked on the drainage a bit. It looks like they will be finished up and ready to frame by Tuesday (Day 15).

Lesa and I went to Levin Furniture last night to see if we could find things we liked for the house. We currently have leather reclining sofa's. While they are nice I don't find them particularly comfortable. We will be putting the leather couches and chairs in the family room with a big screen tv and all of the game consoles for the kids. In the basement media room I wanted something extremely comfortable that had a fabric covering. We found a sofa that we could all agree upon, success! We also picked up the ottoman instead of a coffee table.

We paired the sofa with two of these end tables. Big enough for a lamp with handy cup holders!

We them moved on to picking our new kitchen table. We found a nice table, Lesa preferred a high table so the dog would be less of a problem while we eat. I thought it was cool because it has a lazy Susan in the middle with folding sides so it can be round or square. We also purchased 3 additional matching stools for the breakfast bar in the kitchen. This will give us plenty of seating for casual dining with guests!

Lesa is also trying to convince me that Brianna needs a new bed. With all of the other expenditures we have right now I think she can wait a while.