Thursday, June 6, 2013

Pre-Con Meeting Completed

We've finished our pre-construction meeting this morning with our Sales Reps and Project Manager. It took about an hour and we went over the whole house. All of our selections were accounted for and Lou (our PM) had answers to all of our questions. The only change we made that was not accounted for was the color of our grout, we went from #95 sable brown to #105 earth.

We did learn that because we have both a finished basement and a bonus room that we moved in to a two zone heating and cooling system. We will have two 95% efficient furnaces, one in the basement and one in the attic. We are automatically upgraded to pull down attic steps for access to the furnace up there. Additionally, we will have two 13 seer AC units next to each other outside of our home. Lesa and I are unsure how to feel about this. On one hand the 2-zone system gives us great control over the heating and cooling in the house. On the other our maintenance costs just doubled.

Lou was suppose to break ground on our house today but with the steady raid today and predicted for tomorrow he will be digging our lot next Wednesday (6/12). Our lumber is set to be delivered in roughly 2 weeks. Our estimated close date at this point is September, early October. I did let them all know that my rate lock expires October first so that is the date I'm going to be pushing hard to meet for closing, with September 30th being the absolute best possible date to close.

Let the roller coaster ride begin!