Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Days 5-7

Day 5: Removed the forms from the footer. (No Pictures)

Days 6: (Sunday) No work done.

Day 7: Drainage and Gravel.

My hope is that by weeks end the foundation will have been completed with the full drainage systems, back-filled, and ready for framing. Our wood still hasn't arrived so I'm not overly concerned. However, our neighbors a few houses away received their lumber about a week ago and have not started framing. Although I think they will start this week. It appears that the backlog of unframed homes is easing up, if the weather stays nice that is.

In other news we are busy packing our current home. It is going well, I never realized how much stuff we've accumulated as a family in the 10 years we've lived in our current home. I'm the antithesis of a pack rat and we still have mountains of crap that we've donated to Goodwill in our packing endeavors.