Sunday, September 29, 2013

Almost moved in

Well, we're moved in and we've survived for the most part. Its been a heck of a week. Half the family got a horrible cold, and the other half got a stomach virus the day of the move. That made things very interesting to say the least. We managed to make it through the first few days after the move slowly unpacking boxes and getting settled in.

Our movers were horrible, Hindmann, nearly every single piece of furniture we own is damaged. Our son's solid oak bed is broken. Our dining room set has dings, scratches, and gouges missing from it. They snapped the top of my desk in half. Our master bedroom set is dinged and scratched. They also dinged damn near every wall in the house.  Not to mention scratching our newly finished banisters.

We had a second set of movers, 2 men and a truck, these guys were fantastic. They moved everything from my mother's house to the new place. Nothing in our boxes was broken, not a glass. No dings or scratches on the walls or wood. Can't say enough good things about these guys.

During the week we had numerous deliveries. all of them went pretty well. The home depot guys for the appliances were great. Levin was good even though one of our sofas didn't fit in the basement. We had to do a no fit refusal and go pick new items on Friday.

All in all we love the new house. We don't ever want to move again in our lives...