Saturday, September 7, 2013

Day 81

Some good news work has started to progress slowly on the house once again. The dry wall contractors have returned to finish the garage and the basement. The basement is now ready for paint and the garage is nearly finished.

Unfortunately, the tile contractors are no where to be found. The tile is still not complete. On top of that the person who stained our banisters got stain on the tile! What in the hell, where is the quality control?

Stain on the tile. Sloppy.....
In the kitchen the hardware and molding was installed and it looks very nice.

The banisters and railings have also been installed. I must say I really hope that this was a first coat because I'm not thrilled with the job that was done. We also still have 2 big holes in the sub floor that haven't been repaired. This needs to be completed.

On the outside of the house the columns finally have proper support and the porch isn't sagging.

Still a lot to do before we close...