Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Day 85

Lesa and I skipped going up to the house today. I touched base with the PM today and he said the items we were most interested in hadn't changed. Our tile is supposed to be completed tomorrow so we are planning to run up tomorrow night.

We did notice yesterday that several outlets in the house were installed upside down which we thought was odd. We talked to our SR and he told us that Ryan installed the switched outlets upside down for ease of identification. Not something we are fond of to be sure. We also noticed that the GFI outlet in the kitchen was installed behind the fridge, we asked for this to be moved. I don't want to move the fridge to reset the circuit.

I talked to NVR today to see if my loan had come back from underwriting, so far nothing. Its been 10 days since it was submitted so hopefully we get through without a hiccup.