Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Day 84

Early this morning I received a call from our PM about the list I sent yesterday. We had a very good chat about them and they will be addressed. One of the bigger concerns was the front porch, it is actually level, the issue is with the gutters, the PM is looking to see if he can lessen the angle they are installed to provide a better aesthetic. Okay, happy about that. The less concerning items such as the scratches and dents on the cabinets will be taken care of, as will the tile. I was reassured that our concerns would be addressed.

The driveway however could be a sticking point. Our PM confirmed that it should be a 2 inch base and a 1 inch top coat. I expressed my concern that I certainly didn't see more than an inch of asphalt that was laid. The only way to tell for certain is to break a piece of the driveway off to determine if it was installed correctly. This is what he will be doing today. The driveway is shared between my neighbor and myself and we both have strong feelings that what is installed should be installed properly and durable. We would have preferred concrete but it looks like we are stuck with asphalt.

I also received the appraisal this morning and everything looks good, we actually have several thousand dollars in equity. One less thing to worry about.

More tonight after we check the house....

..picks from the house.

The sub I ordered for the media room arrived today as well! BIC F-12, it has great reviews on Amazon.