Sunday, September 22, 2013

Day 96 - Less than 24 hours until we own our new home!

In less tan 24 hours we will own the house we've been dreaming off since January. Its been quite a journey, not all of it easy or pleasant. We've had ups and downs in the process, selling our house was an absolute horrible experience and not something I'm ever going to want to do again to be honest. We've also had some issues with Ryan and NVR that haven't been pleasant. I will say that we have only ever experienced excellent customer service with Ryan and NVR. They've always resolved the issues we've had quickly and professionally. Kudos to them. We like and respect our PM and SR's and we would be happy to be a reference for the company. (Although RiteRug can kiss my ass)

We are busy packing up our clothes and other items we've used in the past 8 weeks at my Mom's house. Living out of suit cases has been interesting, not as bad as I thought it would (living out of suit cases that is) be when we moved in. Everyone has adjusted well living under one roof and I think we will all have to adjust to the new reality once we are settled in next week. I'm sure my Mom is ready to have her house back to herself. I know we've overwhelmed her with kids, and pets.

All we have to do now is wait for tomorrow.....