Friday, September 20, 2013

Day 94 - Pre-Settlement Walk Through

Lesa and I are getting ready to leave for the pre-settlement walk through. Hopefully the house is going to be fantastic. Realistically, probably not. Considering the amount of work that needed to be completed I'm not even sure the house will be professionally cleaned when we get up there today.

I'll be taking a ton of pictures to document all of the fixes that need to be made to the house.

Look for an update later today.....

....Back from the walk through and we are pleasantly surprised with the house. At the end of the walk through our punch list had several items but none were critical. Our PM took note of all of our concerns, validated and told us that it would be taken care of. Most of the cabinet drawers and doors in our kitchen were damaged, all of the replacements have already been ordered and should be installed Monday. Even with the damage the kitchen still looks great.

What a kitchen!!!
We had several walls that need sanded and repainted, we didn't notice any big dings or dents. Another big area that needs some TLC is the porch. Caulk and paint will fix the issues for most of the porch, we did point out a gap between the porch ceiling and the wall that may be a little more intense to fix but our PM is going to take care of getting it fixed.

So we will have contracts in the house tomorrow fixing punch list items, and cleaners in on Sunday for our closing on Monday.

We are almost at the finish line!