Thursday, September 12, 2013

Day 86 - RiteRug sucks!

Another frustrating day in the home building saga....

RiteRug hired a crew to install our tile and they are worthless. These 2 guys started the job nearly 2 weeks ago, worked a day and a half and disappeared. Since that time the progress on the house has had to exclude anything that is dependent on the tile being completed. So the plumbing fixtures, rugs, etc cannot be installed. The 2 worthless idiots were supposed to show up today and finish the job. Yeah you guessed it, no shows. I talked to the PM who told me he has escalated this to his manager for a resolution. At this point it could affect our closing. I am beyond pissed off....

We talked to the PM and SR and they have reached out to the area VP and several other people in the Ryan Homes organization to get this mess fixed. The communication this evening has been very good and I've been reassured that everything that can be done will be done.

Progress on the house hasn't stopped and its looking quite good.

Landscaping has started.

The basement is getting close to being completed.

Plumbing hardware is being installed.