Monday, September 9, 2013

Day 83

We stopped up at the house and found that quite a bit had been done today. First the good, the electricians returned to install the light fixtures, switches, and outlets. The HVAC contractors installed the air conditioners and hooked up the furnaces and installed the humidifier on the basement furnace. Our granite counter was installed. The painters were busy at work when we arrived.

The bad. We have started a running list of items that will need to be corrected prior to settlement. we've decided to update the list daily and send it to the PM and SR.

1. Asphalt driveway - to thin. Will need to be replaced with thicker asphalt or concrete.
2. Base kitchen cabinets - Nearly every cabinet is damaged. Mostly scratches, some deep, and a few dents. Putty and stain pen aren't acceptable fixes, the damaged doors, drawers, and cabinets will need to be replaced. Please see pictures for examples. 

3. Basement powder room cabinet - This piece has quite a bit of damage to the door, and the cabinet itself. It will need to be replaced.
4. Steps, wood landing - One piece does not fit well, obvious gap.

5. Front porch - The porch is not level, it appears to sag on the left hand side facing the front of the house. This is visible, and it makes the house look bad.

6. Stain on the tile in the kitchen - Not sure if you can get this up or note. If not those tiles will need to be replaced.

7. Outlet in guest bath is behind the mirror.

8. Holes in sub-floor upstairs near banister - These will need to be repaired prior to carpet.