Monday, September 16, 2013

Day 90 - 7 days until closing....

We stopped up at the house this afternoon and found quite a few items in the process of being finished. All of the flooring has been installed, with the exception of the bonus room landing. We still aren't sure if this is carpeted or hardwood. The walls and ceilings had been touched up and should be ready for paint tomorrow. The finishing crew was hard at work installing doors and putting down 1/4 round. Our missing under cabinet lighting was installed, yay!

Overall things are looking very good for next Monday. We now have an issue with NVR, of course. Our loan is still in underwriting. I've been bugging the loan officer for the better part of a week to get an update on our loan, still nothing. Today I asked at the start of the day and the end, reminding them that we close on Monday and I've scheduled all of the deliveries and movers. Management is now involved. Hopefully this will be resolved quickly.

The stove we will be selling...

The study

The dining room

Kitchen/Family room

Interior doors with hardware

Kitchen/Family Room