Saturday, September 14, 2013

Day 88

Took the family to the Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival today. We had a really good time, as usual. We picked up a Sky Chair for the front porch which I can't wait to use. (

On the way home we swung over to the house to see what was happening. We were quite happy to see the crew working away at the tile. All of the floors have now been grouted except for the master bathroom.The master shower was in-progress. Lesa and I talked to the crew for a few minutes and they were very nice guys. The work they had done looked great. It was fortunate that we showed up when we did we were able to tell them where we wanted the soap dishes and confirm that the plan for the glass accent that they had come up with was okay. The guys told us that the carpet installers would be on-site tomorrow and they they should be finished with the bathrooms no later than Monday morning. They mentioned that getting over 700 sq. feet of tile installed in 2 days was quite a challenge. (we put a lot of tile in the house)

Our back splash may not be in before closing.  The wrong tile was ordered, depending on when it comes in will determine when it is installed. 

What a dash to the finish! Thank you Ryan team for great customer service. Thank you tile contractors, your effort over the weekend is appreciated!